Thao's Journey with Flowers

My journey with flowers began with weeds. I was walking the Camino de Santiago in Basque Country, Spain and was fascinated with all the beautiful weeds along the route. 

I thought to myself, “I feel for these weeds, they’ve been neglected, unwanted, and misunderstood.” I marveled at their beauty and how against many adversaries of being cut, plucked, torn, and tossed in the wind and rain, they persevered and here they were showing off in all of their glory. They inspired me to shine despite my own struggles and to help others see their own beauty too.

When I returned to California, I was met with the busy nature of consulting work and all of life’s other day to day responsibilities. I longed for the freedom to act and feel free like the weeds – to live and grow wherever they please – wildly and unapologetically. The concept of seeing the “beauty in the beast” stuck with me and ignited my career shift and interest in working with flowers – thorns and all.