Please support your local small farms! Pictured here are lovely flowers from Vallejo Street Dahlias.

Our sustainability philosophy starts with our sourcing: where we get the flowers themselves. Today, over 80% of flowers sold in the United States are shipped from overseas, —oftentimes, at the cost of exploitative labor conditions and pay, harsh pesticides and herbicides, and hefty carbon emissions from transportation, not to mention days-old products.

Flowers by Thao supports local flower farms located in the Bay Area and Central CA as much as possible. We always tell our clients that designer’s choice of the freshest available blooms (i.e., local flowers!) is preferred in an attempt to cut down on our carbon footprint and enrich our local communities. The benefit is that we’re also bringing you flowers that are more fresh and longer lasting! And, as another bonus, this expands our realm of possibilities to more delicate flowers that would typically get damaged if shipped. 

On the flip side, we all have preferences and some may have specific visions for flowers that are out of season and locally not available. In those cases, we source our flowers from the San Francisco Flower Mart who have a plethora of flowers from local and worldwide farms. We also aim to support the SF Flower Market because they are the backbone of the floral industry in the Bay Area  who are also struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.