Recycling our containers means that we cut down on the emissions created through the production of new products and reduce waste in our customer’s homes. Whether our vases are recycled or brand new from the wholesaler, each one is thoroughly sanitized before they are issued to our clients. 

For all arrangements under $100, customers will receive $5 in flower credit off their next purchase. For arrangements $100 and over, customers will receive $10 in flower credit. After you’re done using the vase, simply remove your arrangement and clean the contents of the vase. Once you place your next order, leave it on your doorstep and when we deliver your new arrangement, we’ll pick up the vase and email you your discount code. 


  1. Ella orders a $65 arrangement to be delivered 9/15 to her home. 
  2. Ella purchases another arrangement to be delivered to her home on 10/1
  3. Ella informs Flowers by Thao that she will have a vase outside for vase recycling credit
  4. We deliver an arrangement on 10/1 and pick up the vase from the 9/15 arrangement for vase recycling credit
  5. Upon inspection, we issue $10 credit to Ella via email that she can use towards her next purchase