At Flowers by Thao, we recognize that our environmental footprint extends beyond just the flowers—so, we’ve analyzed our entire supply chain and noticed where we can improve on the front end, namely in our final arrangements. From no floral foam in our daily deliveries to our vase recycling program, our design process includes the usage of vintage and recycled containers to cut down on the emissions created through the production of new products, recycling of all packaging goods and waste and composting of plant waste materials.

—No Floral Foam—

Floral foam is never used for our daily deliveries. Floral foam is primarily composed of plastic, formaldehyde, and other non-biodegradable chemicals. The particles are unable to fully break down, resulting in hazardous micro-plastics that threaten marine life and disrupt our ecosystems even when properly disposed of. Instead, we use green chicken wire to secure our arrangements. It offers a sleek and minimalist method of securing flowers and a cleaner look for us and the environment.